Next Level Basketball Camp
Welcome to the Next Level Basketball Camp!

The Next Level Basketball Camp is in no way affiliated or operated in conjunction with Next Level Athletics, an AAU basketball program located in northern Vermont.
June 23-27, 2019

at New Hampton School
Ages 8-17 Girls Only
$475 overnight
$400 day camper
Week 1: July 15-19
Week 2: August 19-23

at Colchester High School
Ages 9-14
Boys and Girls
$250 per camper

Next Level Basketball Camp

Dear Camper -

It’s hard to believe its been 15 years since our first camp – in good old Scotch Plains, NJ!  Over the last 3 years, I’ve immersed myself in virtually every level of basketball, coaching high school boys and my own children at the youth level on the boys and girls side.  In doing so, I’ve become even stronger in my convictions about what skill development needs to happen at what ages and, most importantly, how to teach and implement those things.

With such a focus on games and winning and teams playing travel basketball with such great frequency, summer basketball camps are the absolute best way to hit the pause button and focus on what’s most important – getting better!  It’s not about manipulating talent or personnel to win games, which is often in direct conflict with what’s most important:  getting kids better.  It’s amazing how many teams press the entire game, run around the court and then sit back in zones and never run an actual play, set a screen or give kids a chance to make their own decisions on the court.  That is what this camp is all about.

Excited to be partnering with New Hampton School for the second-straight year, it is rewarding to see more and more of our campers having success at the high school level, knowing that we may have played some small role in that success. We have campers from all over New England, as well as Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick and that diversity creates a unique and exciting environment for our camp. If we do things right, which we are acutely focused on, our goal is to have the one week of camp be equivalent to a season’s worth of basketball during the winter. I hope you can join us this summer!
Lori Gear McBride
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"I am so pleased with my daughter's improvement in just one week of camp. Not only did she have a great time, she also learned so much."
Kim D., Gardiner, ME
"Coach McBride, thank you for a great team camp and for being so accommodating to our team. Even though our kids struggled in the games, they grew a ton and will be that much more improved this fall."
Jason S., Clinton, ME
"I can't thank you enough for helping my daughter during her first week away from home. The counselors were great and really made her feel special, which helped her immensely. She is already talking about next year!"
Larry L., Monmouth, ME
"I know (camper) wasn't the best player but you sure made her feel that way and I wanted to write and thank you for that. She never had so much fun playing basketball and I really think the drills she learned will help her make the middle school team this fall if she keeps practicing."
Kathy L., York, ME
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