Each camper will receive the necessary individual and team instruction for a successful

summer of basketball. Players are encouraged to attend with teammates and friends.

Those who do will be grouped together for camp.


Campers will be broken down into groups based on skill level and experience and will be

provided with positional instruction as well as team competition. There will be a heavy

emphasis placed on evaluating each player’s strengths and weaknesses and putting them

into a competitive environment to hone their skills.


There will also be an informational session for campers on important off-the-court topics like

nutrition, the importance of academics, mental health, and being a good teammate.


Our goal is to make each and every player indispensable to their coaches and



Players will receive individualized instruction in the following areas:

  • shooting

  • passing

  • ball-handling

  • moving without the basketball

  • setting screens

  • individual defense (zone and man-to-man)

  • team defensive concepts


In order to help each camper improve their game, we will incorporate several teaching techniques used at the HS & college level, including film breakdown.  There will also be a detailed description of the necessary conditioning and strength training steps for players to take their game to the next level.

Evaluations will be provided to each attendee at the conclusion of camp, which will include strengths and weaknesses and drills to focus on following camp.

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