Looking forward to summer camp season

The past 12 or so months have discussed and analyzed enough and I want to look forward and start thinking about summer. For lots of people - me included - the summer is about being outdoors, the sun and warmth, the water and enjoying life in flip flops! But, it is also about summer camps and for 17 years, I have enjoyed the opportunity to run camps for aspiring players. The pause last summer was disappointing but I was still able to get some court time with my children and a couple of their friends. Like a lot of things, it was not quite the same but certainly made us appreciate the opportunity we did have and the chance to play basketball.

Looking forward to this summer, we have some catching up to do! Kids have been robbed of a normal basketball season or, in some cases, a complete basketball season and the summer is a great time to work on skill development. Maybe we haven't played as many games over the past year as we would like but I am hopeful our camp can be part of the solution and allow players to get a ball back in their hands with some structure and coaching to get ready for the upcoming season. Whether a player is looking to make up for lost time, work on a particular skill or just wants to keep a ball in their hands during the summer months, I look forward to the opportunity to work with them. Our goal continues to be finding a way to make our week together as valuable as an entire season and given the circumstances of the past winter, this has never been more important.

I've got feelers out to several of my "go to" coaches and have no doubt we'll have a great group assembled to work with our campers. This is probably one of the more under-the-radar aspects of a good camp but the quality of coaching is very important to me. I look forward to sharing details on our coaches in the coming weeks.

Stay safe and keep working!

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